Commissioner Office

The supervisory institution of the Divisional Commissioner has been created to oversee the functioning of various Government offices located in the division. In this division the office of the Divisional Commissioner is situated at Hoshangabad. This office came into being around 2008.

As Divisional Commissioner, this office has been given the direct responsibility of supervising the revenue and development administration in the division. In this capacity the following administrative functions are performed:

Administrative Power

  1. Responsibilities entrusted by the State Government as the Head of Office.
  2. Inspection and supervision of subordinate offices.
  3. Disciplinary action against first and second class gazetted officers.
  4. Control of law and order.

Financial Powers

  1. To draw salary of the officer / employee of the office.
  2. Use of allocations received for maintenance of residential and non-residential buildings located at divisional level
  3. To be signed on the travel bills of the collectors

Other Powers

  1. Disposal of appeals and monitoring cases under the rights obtained under various Acts / Rules.
  2. Discharge of duties entrusted as Regional Transport Authority.
  3. Other works assigned by the government.